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The Lutheran School of Theology: Humble and Slow Beginnings …

“Po-le, Po-le”

In Africa, most things happen “po-le, po-le” (Swahili for “slowly, slowly”).
“Po-le, pole” applies to the cadence of conversation, the speed of the internet, the rhythm of the day, the tempo at which tasks get assigned, the rate in which they are accomplished, and even the pace by which the Triune God’s Kingdom work moves from prayers, to planning, to action, and on toward fulfillment.
In Christ Jesus, the Triune God orders all things “slowly, slowly” according to His perfect will and appointed time. Such is the story of the Lutheran School of Theology, the Bible school established by Lutherans in Africa.

Video Vlog

Here’s a video logue between Rev. James May, the executive director of LIA, and Dr. Gregory Schulz, a visiting professor.
It describes the humble beginnings and the “po-le, po-le” work of the Triune God through Confessional Lutherans on the continent of Africa.